A healthy diet for kids can have a profound effect on children’s health, sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. The sooner parents introduce nutritious choices into children’s diet, the easier they will be able to develop a healthy eating lifestyle. To encourage healthy eating habits is to make nutritious choices appealing by keeping fruits, vegetables, and healthy beverages on hand and ready to eat. Kids will eat mostly what is available at home. It’s important to control the supply lines, the foods that are served to kids. 

Freeze-dried ingredients are used, the premium ingredients have enriched and creations of the product prove quality, freshness and authentic flavour. The result of freeze drying is perfectly crunchy, nutrient rich, kid friendly bite-sized snacks. What could be better is freeze dried product is the future choice of food and snack. Where the nutrients are preserves with freeze drying process. 

Freeze dried yogurt bites are formulated as beneficial products for kids 10months old and above. 

The cube sizes fit into little fingers to coordinate the muscles of the fingers to grip, melt easily in their mouths and good to their tummies.


Yogurt melts are a popular snack for babies as a finger’s solid foods plus they are a nutritious, convenient, and enjoyable snack option for babies, providing essential nutrients and supporting their developmental milestones in a safe and enjoyable way.

Baby porridge provides an opportunity for parents to introduce nutritious ingredients like whole grains and vegetables in a palatable and easily digestible form. Quick and easy to prepare in just a few minutes, making it a convenient option for busy parents.