The concept of instant food is super quick preparation, totally convenient choice which also delicious and full-filling. Living in fast-paced, mobile societies sometimes make us skip meals that could cause health issues. Solution to offer a quick bite for those who often rushing. Ready to eat foods are whole food items that can be instantly prepared and had right away. They are made with nutritious ingredients to help live a healthy lifestyle. To enjoy a delicious meal, all need to do is add boiling water to the bowl, cover and leave aside for a few minutes. These meals come in handy way more nutritious. 

Freeze-dried ingredients are used. Fine spices and herbs for soups, the premium ingredients have enriched and creations of ready to eat food prove quality, freshness and for taste experiences. The ingredients are blended with vibrant spices to create an amazing, authentic tasting soup. 

Stocking kitchen or pantry with freeze-dried instant meals providing highly nutritious, delicious and filling meals to those with busy schedule.

The ingredients are blended with vibrant spices to create an amazing, authentic tasting soup. 

This instant mushroom soup is packed in an isolated aluminum sachet to retained freshness of the product. The mushroom soup sachet is sealed in a cup with a convenient disposal spoon.

Indulge in the convenience and nutritional richness of our ready-to-eat instant soup selection, featuring tantalizing options like mushroom, tomato, and pumpkin soup. Treat yourself to wholesome goodness without compromising on taste with our delicious soup varieties

With our range of ready-to-eat porridge varieties, you can enjoy nourishing meals with minimal effort and maximum flavor. Whether you crave the oceanic freshness of seaweed, the fiery kick of kimchi, the comforting warmth of chicken, or the earthy richness of mushrooms, our porridge options cater to every palate and preference. A bowl of convenience and satisfaction with our delicious porridge varieties.

Muesli is a hearty blend of Rolled Oats, Almond, Pumpkin Seed, Freeze Dried Strawberry, Freeze Dried Mango, Freeze Dried Corn, Sunflower Seed and Corn Flakes. This nutritious combination offers a wealth of health benefits, making it a popular choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a balanced breakfast option.